MoneyFacts: Key Financial Accounting Modules
Accounts Setup  
MoneyFacts is comprehensive accounting software. At the time of setting up Online Accounting Solution for your organization, wizards guide you through setup screens that will accept global terms like your organization accounts and chart of accounts details and create master databases. This information is secured and can only be modified by authorized personnel. With minimal setup time, MoneyFacts delivers true out-of-the box experience.

MoneyFacts is available in various editions than can suit the needs of a small business accounting as well as an enterprise level financial accounting. MoneyFacts accounts software can be used for all vertical segments be it manufacturing, retail, IT/ITES, Healthcare, education and more.
Accounting Module Detailed List  
For regular usage, authorized users must log in to MoneyFacts secured access login page. Depending upon the access rights allotted to them, MoneyFacts will present them with user friendly interface and intuitive menus which makes it very simple and easy to use accounting software program. These menus provide access to a host of feature in each of the various accounting modules as listed below:  
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  Financial Statements
Modules Details
General Ledger
Chart of Accounts List the names of accounts that your company has identified and made available for transactions in its general ledger. You can assign chart of accounts by name and unique number. You have the flexibility to tailor chart of accounts that best suit your organizational needs. Sample Chart of Accounts Available is provided with the accounting package.
Ledgers Create any no of ledgers under chart of accounts.
Postings Post verified transactions to General Ledger or Subsidiary Ledger by date, account type or by created user.
Day Book Sort and View Day book for postings and reports.
Group Summary View accounts Summary by Group of Accounts.
Accounts Receivable / Sales
Quotations Create, Track & Manage Quotations and revise quotations based on revision numbers.
Sales Orders Create, Track & Manage Sales Order
Delivery Note Create, Track & Manage Delivery Note
Sales Invoice Create, Track & Manage Sales Invoice
Sales Return Note Create & Manage Sales Return Note
Sales Transaction Manage Sales Transaction
Receipt Transaction Manage Receipt Transaction
Receipt Bill Wise Manage Bill Wise Receipt
Sundry Debtors Sort and View Sundry Debtors by date, month.
Sales Register Sort and View Sales Register
Receipt Register Sort and View Receipt Register
Bill Receivable View Pending Bills Receivables by date and age.
Accounts Payable / Purchase
Purchase Orders Create, Track & Manage Purchase Order
Goods Receipt Note Create, Track & Manage Goods Receipt Note
Purchase Invoice Create, Track & Manage Purchase Invoice
Purchase Transaction Manage Purchase Transaction
Payments Transaction Manage Payment Transaction
Payments Bill Wise Manage Bill Wise Payments
Sundry Creditors Sort and View Sundry Creditors by date, month.
Purchase Register Sort and View Purchase Register
Payment Register Sort and View Payment Register
Bill Payable View Pending Bills Payable by date and age.
On Accounts Payments Adjustments Manage on Account Payments adjustments against bills payable
Cash & Bank
Bank Book Create and manage multiple bank accounts, view bank statements by date, month or by accounts.
Cash Book Manage and view cash in hand and all cash transactions by date and account.
Inter Bank Transfers Manage Inter bank transactions.
Bank Reconciliation Verify amounts on the bank statement are consistent or compatible with the amounts of the company’s cash account in general ledger and vice versa. View and identify deposits in transit, Outstanding Cheques, Bank Errors, bank interests earned or deducted, bank services charges and adjust the balances as per books.
Cash Flow The statement Cash flow is one of the main financial statements. View cash flow statement reports of the cash generated and used during the time interval specified in its heading.
Financial Statements
Balance Sheet The accounting balance sheet is one of the major statements used by accountants and business owners. It presents the company’s financial position at the end of a specified date.
Profit & Loss View Income statements that shows profitability of company during the time interval specified in the heading.
Trial Balance View Trial Balance to ascertain equality of debit and credit balances.
Journals & Registers
Journal Entry & Register Manage and maintain Journal Entry and Journal Registers with narrations.
Credit Note Entry & Register Manage and maintain Credit Note Entry and Credit Note Registers for Debtors accounts.
Debit Note Entry & Register Manage and maintain Debit Note Entry and Debit Note Registers for Sales Returns, Damages etc.
Budgeting & Cost Centers
Create and View Budgets You can create and manage any number of budgets, for any account or group of accounts, for any period.
Cost Category/ Cost Centers/ Cost Center Details. Helps you manage cost accounting for projects, allocate incomes and expenses; evaluate job costing and project-wide profitability.
Inventory Management System
Stock Management Manage multiple stock locations.
Item Management Manage Item, Item Group and  Item Types.
Price List Manage multiple price list.
Discount List Manage discount information.
Prospects Manage Prospects
Form 16 Generation Generate Form 16 for Tax Deducted at Source from Suppliers
TDS Deposits Generate TDS Deposits Statements and Reports
Tools & Features
Import Data MoneyFacts lets you import accounting data from other accounting packages like tally accounting software into its accounting system using standard XML formats.
Search & Filter Search & Filter using standard as well as user defined conditional criteria's throughout MoneyFacts.
Dashboard Graphical interface view for displaying the various accounts, cost centers & budgets.
Easy Print & Export Export and print records as you view, search and filter records.
Configure MoneyFacts
Create Company Information New Company Setup with required information like accounting period and company tax information.
Multi Currency Setup Manage Multiple currencies with facility to transact in different currencies and automatic recording of Forex transactions.
Manage Tax Groups/Charges Complete support for VAT, Sales Tax, TDS, Service Tax etc.
User Access Rights Management Protect your worksheet by assigning read-only and edit passwords so that none but users authorized by you may edit or even view your financial data. Manage Rights module wise on View, Insert, Edit, Delete, Print or Export options. Multi User and Audit Trail Options.
Create Transaction Types Create and manage user defined transaction type to suit your organizational needs.
UOM Create and manage UOM and UOM Groups.
Configure Code Generation Configure how code shall be generated for quotations, orders, invoices, transactions, etc.
Microsoft® Excel Integration You can export the reports to Office Excel for further analysis in just one click.
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